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From concept to final product, we bring your visionary idea to life using our expert design skills with state-of-the-art software. We make precise and accurate 3D models of your product, while our technical drawings ensure that every detail required is there for manufacturing. We also offer realistic rendering for product visualization and marketing. Click to See Plans.

Maximize your product’s potential with our comprehensive engineering analysis services. Our team employs advanced Structural, Thermal, and Fluid simulation tools to optimize your product’s design and performance. From stress testing to fluid flow analysis and thermal performance, we provide accurate and reliable results to ensure your product is built to last under operational conditions. See Plans.

With our multi-domain expertise, we help you create physical prototypes of your designs to test and refine your product before moving on to full-scale production. We provide in-house 3D printing service while providing gcode generation and process simulation for 3D printing and CNC cutting machines to produce highly accurate parts of your product. See Plans.

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Shop with us in our carefully crafted and curated items collection to get your hands on exceptional products while supporting our initiatives.

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Turnkey Projects

Invest in our pre-engineered ‘turnkey’ projects, which are researched, designed and tested in advance for quick on-demand execution and implementation.

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Download free and paid professional versions of our quality assured engineering research, design and development assistance tools for your study or work.

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Free Resources

Get free access to some of our open source codes, CAD models, engineering tools and other digital resources hosted on multiple trusted platforms.

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Who are we?

CANARD ES is an acronym for ‘Computer Aided Novel Advanced Research and Design Engineering Services’. We are a team of young professionals on our mission to promote independent scientific research and self-sufficiency in all aspects in our modern technology-dependent world.

To fuel our ambition, we provide product design services which helps us test our ideas, improve our capabilities and provide life support to keep us going.

Read more about our story, vision, mission and values on this page.

“Canard ES is absolute professional when it comes to technical solutions. I recently hired them to create a rendering for me, and the results exceeded my expectations. The attention to detail is impeccable, and they came up with some truly brilliant technical solutions that helped bring my project to the next level. A joy to work with – always responsive and willing to go the extra mile to make sure the final product is perfect.”

Isaac Herbst

Why Choose Us


Our team is passionate about what we do, and we bring that energy and enthusiasm to every project we work on. We love to take on new challenges and synthesize solutions beyond expectations.


We are committed to delivering high-quality work and providing excellent customer service. Our team takes pride in following professional business ethics and operating procedures.


We provide exceptional customer support at every step of the design process. We provide guidance on the technical data we provide and help you find the right source to manufacture your product.

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